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{Disclaimer: This RP is following a canon-esque storyline that omits the Konoha Invasion Arc and the fact that Tsunade was missing.}

The Story

The Past
It is pre-timeskip.
The Chuunin Exams have rounded off.
But, unlike previous ones, this installment has ended in mysterious deaths. The Kazekage was mysteriously killed. Clues have all pointed to several members of Konoha. Obviously, the Shinobi of Konoha have denied ANY and all accusations. Plus, all of their stories check out. But the citizens of the Wind Country are not convinced. They are thoroughly swayed that members of Konoha killed their leader.

Not too long after that, the Hokage Sarutobi is found slain. This time, all sources point to members of Suna's Shinobi squads. The people of the Fire Country figure it was in revenge for their thinking that they killed the Kazekage.

All ties with Suna are then severed.

In the world of the Akatsuki, all is going well. Their plan was to kill the Kazekage in order to blame it on Konoha… And then kill the Hokage in order to blame it on Suna. All went as planned. Why did they do this? All will be revealed in good time.

The Present
Only about a year after the deaths of the kage, the Fire Country has elected the Sannin Tsunade as the new Hokage. The Wind Country, however, is without a Kazekage.
Orochimaru, still looking for Sasuke as his host, decides to pull a few strings and openly sides with Suna but has an ulterior motive. He promises protection and such to the citizens and they agree. He sees Konoha as an enemy and declares war upon them.

The Akatsuki are seeing this war as an amazing opportunity. They now have a distraction to prompt a full out mission to get the Jinchuuriki. They expected this… But not so fast… Or being induced by a former member.

Will anyone see that this is all a horrible device?

The game will start on March 1st, 2007.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderators (lirimaerea and atsuka_chan)!

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